30 Days of Thanks”living” and beyond

Day 1…where do I begin?  I guess, since it is my 12 year old’s birthday, I would have to say today I am thankful that the Lord saw fit to make me her mom.  She started out life my easiest baby, but boy is she growing into a complicated young woman!  I don’t mean that in a bad way…not at all!  It’s just that she sees life through a different lens than I do, and that is sometimes a challenge to me.  But, most days, it is a huge blessing!  You see, she is not a “Type A” girl, like me.  She is artsy, loves to dance and sing (even with people watching), and is carefree.  It’s that carefree part that I have been learning from.  The Lord has really been impressing the idea of being carefree with Him.  I don’t have to be in control of everything, I can place it all in God’s masterful hands.  After all, He created the universe and everything in it in 6 short days…I’m sure He can do Great and Mighty things that I cannot even comprehend, even with my mess!  So, dear Lord, thank you for my Carefree Katie!

Day 1













Day 2…Today I would have to say I am thankful for Forgiveness.  I was blessed to spend some time with my oldest daughter today.  I was reminded of how fortunate I am that I am forgiven…by My Savior, my husband and my children.  She bought me a little trinket, that to most would be just what it is…a wooden teddy bear.  But, to me it is a symbol of sweet forgiveness and hope for a brighter future.  You see, I know that I do not deserve forgiveness for anything.  It is truly a gift given by the giver.  Whether that forgiveness comes from Jesus Christ, my husband or my child, it is freely given.  And for that today, I am truly thankful!

Day 2

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