30 Days of Thanks”living”…Yesterday and Today (the 15th and 16th)

Boy, when I started this, I never knew how much effort it was going to take.  Not being thankful, I do that every morning vocally, but the writing every day…as you can see I try to make up for it, but I’m not there yet!

Yesterday, I was thinking about how eternally grateful I am for my husband.  Before I begin, I will say that he is not perfect, but neither am I.  However, I can’t even begin to fathom the God of all wonders who put us together!  When we met, I was not really looking for that kind of relationship.  And yet I remember on our wedding day telling him that only God could have put us together.  Jeremy doesn’t complete me…only the Holy Spirit can do that…but he definitely compliments me in ways that still amaze me.  And, on days like yesterday, when I question everything…he shows me grace like I’ve hardly ever seen before.  When the accuser is accusing and I am believing every bit of it, my husband loves me enough to tell me the truth and show me the truth.  Saw an image posted on facebook yesterday that said, “A real man does more than open your door…he opens his Bible.”  You see, I don’t think my husband is great because he’s this great guy (although he is) and I don’t even think he’s great because he opens his Bible (he does), I think he’s great because he reads his Bible, follows the Lord in his life and lives trying to impart the grace and mercy of Christ to others.  He doesn’t just speak the Gospel, he lives it!  

Today, I was thinking how thankful I am for traditions.  Now, most of you who know me know that I am not your traditional girl.  But, I do cherish some traditions.  Especially at this time of year…I long for traditions.  I really miss days gone by spent by my grandma’s side preparing for the holidays.  The cooking, the baking, the laughter.  Then spending days with all of my cousins for the holidays playing games and being silly.  I wonder what traditions my girls will grow up and long for later?  The turkey shirts we made today, that we haven’t made in several years…will they cherish that memory and want to repeat it with their own children?  The eating, the shopping, the time spent with family and friends…will those be lasting memories?  What new tradition can we start that they will cherish?  I thank God every day for the chance to make new memories and impart His love and His “traditions” in the hearts of my children.

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