30 Days of Thanks”living”…Heavenly Father

The past three days have made me so thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves lavishly and freely, never disappoints and never fails.  

This past week, I was blessed to spend time with a family who was reeling from a tragic loss.  As I spent the morning on Friday at the funeral of their daughter/granddaughter, I was so touched by some of the words spoken.  You see, this family is not without it’s problems, but at the funeral, the dad was able to find peace in the ONE thing.  He said he would never see his daughter cheer at another game, graduate high school or have her first child and he would never be able to walk her down the aisle and give her away at her wedding.  BUT, he found comfort in the fact that on that day he could give her away to the ONE man who would never let her down, never fail her, the best man ever…her Heavenly Father.  Oh, that I would always see my Heavenly Father that way…not imparting images of mere mortals on His shining face!

On days like today, when I feel like my best is not good enough, when I feel like the expectations of others would crush me…the comfort I find in knowing that I know that He is with me and will never leave me.  He doesn’t chastise as the world would, but encourages and cheers me on…He doesn’t diminish or make jokes of my inadequacies, but reminds me that I can do all things through Him.  He picks me up in His embrace and says it’s gonna be alright because He is working in my life for my good not my harm.  He lets me rest in the shadow of His wing where I find comfort and peace.

He is Most Excellent and the only One worthy of praise!  Hallelujah!

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