30 Days of Thanks”living”…brokenness

“Brokenness, brokenness is what I long for,  Brokenness is what I need, Brokenness, brokenness is what you want from me…”

I woke up this morning with this song in my heart.  After yesterday, and apologizing in a different way to my kids, I was reminded how thankful I am for brokenness.  Notice though, that I am saying this from the other side!  Not saying I am thankful for valleys, but I am surely thankful for the lessons I have learned!  And, for someone as stubborn as me, I would never have learned those lessons had everything been peachy in my world.  You see, it has been through complete brokenness that I could see that none of the things I had done or was doing would save me.  Although I knew the Lord, I didn’t really KNOW Him!  Yet, through brokenness, I have experienced Him in a way that I don’t even think I can put into words.  When the Lord finally showed me that all the stuff I was doing didn’t amount to anything, it was such a humbling experience…yet the peace of knowing it doesn’t all hang on my shoulders…PRICELESS!

If you are reading this and thinking that He could never fix you…read this devo I read by Corrie Ten Boom, Made and Repaired by the Master…

All things were made by Him;  and without Him was not any thing made that was made.  John 1:3

There is only One who can cleanse us from our sins – He who made us.  In Russia, many people lived in a certain apartment house.  The basement of the house was filled with the junk of all the families.  Among the junk was a beautiful harp, which nobody had been able to fix.  One snowy night, a tramp asked if he could sleep in the building.  The people cleared a space for him in the corner of the basement, and he was happy to stay there.  In a little while, the people heard beautiful music coming from the basement.  The owner of the harp rushed downstairs and found the tramp playing it.  “But how could you repair it?  We couldn’t,” he said.  The tramp smiled and replied, “I made this harp years ago, and when you make something, you can also repair it.”

Isn’t it awesome to know in our brokenness that there is ONE who can repair, ONE who can mend, ONE who can heal…Jesus Christ…the ONE who bore all our sins and sorrows.  Hallelujah!

Take my heart and mold it, take my mind, transform it, take my will, conform it, to Yours, to Yours, oh Lord!


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