30 Days of Thanks”living”…choices

Yesterday and today I have been thinking about choices and how blessed we are that we have any.  Whether it be the choice between two political candidates or the choice to be honest, we have choices.  I am so thankful that there is a God who doesn’t control us with puppet strings, but gives us the free will to choose Him.  I am also thankful that no matter the choice we make, God is in control and working all things together for my good.  Not to say I shouldn’t always choose “the road less traveled” but, I have learned so much from my mistakes.  The unfortunate side of that is sometimes other people have been harmed in the making of me.  But, I have the choice to seek the Lord, ask Him to show any wrong thing in me and then confess…to Him and to the person who has been harmed.  Not always easy, but a choice that I have made, even today.  Nothing is more painful than to see pain you have caused your child.  Bad choices always lead to pain…but there is freedom in choosing to confess.  So for today, I choose…honesty, thankfulness, confession, Jesus, love, peace and Freedom! 

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