Wonder Woman…or not?


From the time I was little, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  I mean really, what girl doesn’t want to wear a tiara everyday AND have super powers?  An invisible airplane anyone?  What mom doesn’t want to wield a rope of truth to tie her children or spouse up with from time to time?  Or the bracelets that shield, deflect and hold the secret to her powers?

This week, is one of those weeks where I feel like my bracelets have failed me.  Too many bullets and I just couldn’t deflect them all.  Know what I mean?

As I drove around in my “cooling off mode” last night, I was listening to a clip of Beth Moore.  She was speaking on fear and discouragement and how the Bible warns us to avoid them.  In this clip she says something like this…”Demoralization is when Satan makes us believe we are who we fear we are most.”  Satan cannot read our minds, but he knows what we are thinking by our actions and behaviors.  He is a master at people watching.  I have to say, that spoke to me last night.

You see, the bullets I was dodging this week were words.  Hurtful words.  Words spoken carelessly, maybe.  But, those words came from people who love me.  Those words were not spoken on purpose nor were they aimed by the speaker like a bullet straight for the heart.  But, that’s how they were taken.

So, what happened?

Satan, the master people watcher, he knows our biggest fears and insecurities.  And, for me, that would be that I will never measure up, never fit the bill, never be good enough.  So, when words spoken left the mouths of people who love me, Satan took those words and twisted them so that my ears heard, “Kristi, you suck.  You are not a good mother.  You never will be.  You let people down all the time.  You aren’t enough.  You are worthless.  You don’t even know how to park the car right!”  Mind you, those words weren’t spoken…but that is what I heard.

You see, we all do it.  Say things, maybe carelessly, that someone else takes differently.  Don’t we?  

So, what do we do as “wonder woman” when our magic bracelets fail and those bullets get through?  How do we deflect those bullets that wound in the deepest places?

It is not by being wonder woman…let me tell you.  Those magic bracelets she wears, they will fail.  In the comic, if they were bound together, she became completely powerless.  We, on our own, trying in our own power are destined to fail.  

The Bible does say I can do all things….that is all things through Christ who strengthens me.  He is our power.  The book of Ephesians says to put on our armor…the helmet of salvation, so that we will know that we know that we know whose we are….the shield of faith, so that those bullets will be deflected by the One in whom our faith is placed…and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God so that we can speak the truth to ourselves, those around us and the enemy, Satan himself.

What is the truth when Satan is whispering the lies in our ear?  The truth is… I am loved by the God of the universe who took the time to think of me and mold me and shape me, even when I was in my mother’s womb.  The truth is…I am known by the God who set the stars in the sky.  So known, that he knows the number of hairs on my head.  The truth is…I have been adopted by the Father of all fathers, I am His and He is mine.  The truth is…(and not my finest grammar here) I ain’t junk cause God don’t make no junk!

1 John says it best… for the Spirit in you is far stronger than anything in the world.  In superhero language, that means we do have a superpower….if you are in Christ, that superpower dwells in you…that power is the Holy Spirit.

So, the next time Satan fires those bullets of doubt, fear and discouragement your way, send him packing.  Pull out your Bible.  Turn up the praise music.  Turn to the only One who gives life and He will breathe life and refreshment into your weary soul.

Because the truth of the matter is…this is NOT all me and while I do not have a stunt double, I have a risen Savior who goes before me, walks beside me, comforts me when I am broken and puts all those broken pieces back together into something much more beautiful!  Let’s put wonder woman to rest and let the Ultimate Super Hero – Jesus – come to our rescue because He already has!  If you still want to wear a tiara everyday, you will have to find another excuse…

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