I had opportunity this week to spend some time with a very special lady.  She and I go way back.  I would like to say things have always been rosy between us, but the fact is they have not.  We two are cut from a similar cloth.  We are passionate people and while we can love like crazy, we can also hold grudges like mad.

This special lady has been having some health troubles for the past few months.  Over the past few weeks, the doctors have been sending her for tests and she has been in a “hurry up and wait” holding pattern.  This week she got the call saying she was having a heart cath but because of potential kidney complications had to spend a few days in patient.

She is no stranger to heart problems.  She has had more than one heart attack and several procedures including open heart surgery.  The difference was that this time, she had time to think about the possibilities.  All the times in the past had been emergencies, but this was different.

As I spent time with her on the eve of the cath, I could see the worry on her face.  She even shared some of her fears with me when no one was around.  She was afraid and for good reason.  Her heart did not appear to be in great shape.  The next morning as they wheeled her back for the procedure, I knew she was still unsure, but she did not seem so afraid.

An hour later, we were led back to her holding room after the procedure.  As I stood there with her daughter, daughter in law and grandkids, I could sense something different in the room.  We were discussing waiting for the doctor to come in and speak to us and this special lady informed us that we didn’t have to wait for the doctor.  She already knew.  The doctor had shown her in the procedure room.  What did she see?  She saw a miracle.  Her 7-year-old stints looked new.  Veins were healthy that had been given up on.  Old bypasses were doing well.  And, the clincher, the artery feeding the back of the heart was large and healthy, doing double time.  Other than a defibrillator, which she knew was needed, no other intervention was needed for her heart.  The doctor cleared her to begin an exercise regimen to continue strengthening her body.  A Miracle!

As I stood at her beside crying because I was just amazed at what God can do, I realized that this was not the miracle to rejoice over.  While God totally healed her physical heart, He had also been doing a miraculous work in the part of her that we call heart sometimes, but also spirit or soul.

You see, the past few months I have seen this woman who I have loved for many years have a change of heart.  Where envy, bitterness, extreme hurt, anger and depression had once taken up residence, I was beginning to see love, joy and even peace.  As she was sharing with me her fears on the eve of the heart cath, she gave me a letter to read later.  I waited a while, unsure of what it might say.  While I will not share details, just let me tell you that those words were the words of a changed heart.

So, while I am so grateful that our great and glorious God is working a miracle in her heart healing it and restoring it to working order, I am so much more grateful that He is allowing me to see the greater work He is doing in her.  While I don’t want to live without her here on this earth, I certainly don’t want eternity to be spent without her.

We were shopping recently and saw some verses from Isaiah that she said were some of her favorite.  How providential our God is.

God doesn’t come and go. God lasts.
He’s Creator of all you can see or imagine.
He doesn’t get tired out, doesn’t pause to catch his breath.
And he knows everything, inside and out.
He energizes those who get tired,
gives fresh strength to dropouts.
For even young people tire and drop out,
young folk in their prime stumble and fall.
But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,
they walk and don’t lag behind.

So, if you are feeling tired and weak and need a refreshing, let Him recharge you.  He energizes us and strengthens us.  And, the best part, when we allow Him to be our strength, we can soar high on wings with eagles.  That is my prayer today and always!

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